Monday, May 20, 2013

Pissarro's Places

(Pissarro's "Boulevard Montmartre, Matin d'Hiver" via Le Monde des Arts)

I was bummed when I found out that Camille Pissarro was a man, not a woman. I'm not sure why. But his gender takes nothing away from the fact that this "dean of Impressionism" was a prolific painter of lovely country landscapes, street scenes and quotidian life. He mentored Gaugin, Van Gogh and Cezanne, who said of Pissarro, "He was a father for me. A man to consult and a little like the good Lord." He moved around between Paris, the French countryside, London, and even Venezuela, painting a wide spectrum of visual delights, and it's this variety that has captured the fascination of author Ann Saul, who has visited every single place Pissarro painted (with the exception of Venezuela) and will be at the American Library of Paris this Wednesday to discuss her book, appropriately named "Pissarro's Places."

Ann Saul: Pissarro's Places
Wednesday, 22 May, 7:30pm
The American Library of Paris
Paris Métro: M8 to École Militaire


  1. Lovely! I wish I could make the talk but will definitely check out the book.

  2. Please tell me you're going to this! Wish I could be there to go with you!

  3. Jenna-Marie, Thank you so much for talking about PISSARRO'S PLACES! I hope you were able to come to the program. You and other Pissarro fans might like to know that a new exhibition PISSARRO has just opened in Madrid. (Easyjet has reasonable flights.) It is an extraordinary exhibition, one of the best I've ever seen. AND the bookstore is selling PISSARRO'S PLACES! While I was there Tuesday, six people asked me to sign books for them! What a thrill for me!

    The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but special friends like you can get a special price on the website:

    Please email me and let me know what you think! And thanks so much for loving Pissarro!

    Ann Saul, author of PISSARRO'S PLACES



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