Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ice Skating in Paris

(photo by Laurence Penne via 500px)

The Hôtel de Ville never fails to amaze me. Not only can you check out wonderful free art and learn about the history of Paris, during the summer you can go to the beach and during the winter you can go ice skating. Starting tomorrow you can take advantage of the majestic setting and free admission to practice your wintry triple axels and, if you're like me, freezing-cold tumbles onto ice. Sure, there are other places to enjoy ice skating in Paris, but this venue is the largest seasonal rink and the only FREE one (plus 5€ to rent skates). There are even free lessons for hockey and dance moves on weekend mornings 10am-noon. Gloves are required, not to mention holiday spirit (which always comes in handy).

Ice Skating at Hôtel de Ville
FREE (and 5€ skate rental)
21st December until 17th March 2013
Noon-10pm during the week, 9am-10pm weekends
Métro: M1, M11 to Hôtel de Ville

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cheap Travel: 19€ to Nice

It's true what they say: Nice is nice. The softer, subtler neighbor of Cannes, Nice is like if Venice and France had a baby and it lived beside the ocean. The old city is full of winding, narrow streets composed of colorful buildings, and the rest of the small city boasts a modern art museum, a beautiful park that overlooks the sea, a beach caressing the Mediterranean and the best pizza I've ever had in France. And right now TGV Europe will whisk you away to Nice for just 19€.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Expat Blog Hop - With A Music Giveaway!

(photo of my bedroom door courtesy of Stephanie Land)

It's time for another Expat Blog Hop! I love this event as it's a great way to discover more blogs and for me it's an opportunity to get a little personal for once.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cheap Art: 59 Rivoli

(Jazz Pas Grave at 59 Rivoli)

The artists' squat 59 Rivoli is always hoppin', always creative and always open to the public. Having just passed their 13th anniversary in a building formerly abandoned by Crédit Lynonnais, the now-legal squat is full of studios where artists work (some permanently, some in residence for 3-6 months) and display their art. Passing by the space, prominently situated on rue de Rivoli with massive windows into the gallery, you might find a new exhibition being opened (which happens every two weeks) or a free concert going on (each weekend).


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