Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cheap Drinks: Marlusse et Lapin

(Hey, that guy's kinda cute, I should have talked to him)

Though South Pigalle is the hot new area for hipsters and dive bars these days, I'd advise you to venture a bit northward on your next visit to the red light district of Paris and snag a cheap drink at Marlusse et Lapin. This unassuming neighborhood spot is just far enough up the street from Pigalle to escape the creepy leering men beckoning you into strip clubs, and offers ridiculously affordable drinks in its snug and old-fashioned imbibing space. Grandma wallpaper and even a table centered around an old sewing machine set the decidedly un-hookerish vibe at Marlusse et Lapin, and with friendly and fun bartenders serving up glasses of wine and beers at less than 3€, there's no better spot in the area to have a cozy drink to get your night started (or ended).

Marlusse et Lapin
14 rue Germain Pilon 75018 Paris
Métro: M2 to Abbesses, M2/M12 to Pigalle

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