Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cheap Art: Portes Ouvertes Belleville

(Lovely Rebecca Brown at last year's Portes Ouvertes of Belleville)

I love going to Portes Ouvertes, or weekends where artists in a selected neighborhood open their ateliers for visitors to come and check out their working spaces (often also their homes) and view their work. It can also be a great opportunity to buy art directly from the artist, often at a lower price than you'd find at a gallery or elsewhere. In addition to full-sized works, oftentimes for these events the artists will have small paintings or prints available for less than 30€.

In particular I love the Belleville Portes Ouvertes, because the neighborhood is just so dreamy and to discover artist ateliers in this area is absolutely envy-inducing. This weekend you can do just that as Belleville celebrates its 24th year of Portes Ouvertes, displaying over 250 artists in 127 ateliers of the 'hood. Stop by one of the welcome galleries and pick up a map, then take an afternoon to wander around and discover an immense variety of art as well as meet the artists during this unique Paris art event.

Portes Ouvertes de Belleville 2013
Friday, 24 May - Monday, 27 May, 2pm-9pm

Welcome Galleries: 
Galerie des AAB, 1 rue Francis Picabia, (Métro: M2 to Couronnes)
Espace Jourdain, 3 rue Jean-Baptiste Dumay, (Métro: M11 to Jourdain)
CFDT Bolivar, 47 avenue Simon Bolivar, (Métro: 7bis to Buttes Chaumont)

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