Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Learning French

Happy New Year, dear readers! Do you do resolutions? I'm not so much about resolving, but more about making goals to work toward. This year, one of mine is to become fluent in French - which means going beyond just dirty words and medieval curses (two areas I'm pretty good in). I want to be comfortable in conversation with fast-speaking Parisians, able to decipher song lyrics, and hopefully, someday, able to read a book in French. My dream is to one day be able to eavesdrop at a party of Frenchies and integrate myself into the conversation (which is difficult for me even in my native language). As I wrote for Girls' Guide to Paris, I've tried many ways to learn this language, some fun and some tedious, but it all boils down to working hard at it. Listening to the radio helps, as does having a French boyfriend. But let's take this one resolution at a time.

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