Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cheap Art: The Paris Print Shop

Oh look, I've discovered a new favorite Paris art obsession: these illustrations by the husband and wife team at the Paris Print Shop. You might know Nichole Robertson from her blog Little Brown Pen, which is now called Obvious State. LBP was renowned for Robertson's photos of Paris in all its varying color collections. What a nice compliment to her work to see that her husband, Evan, is such a fantastic illustrator/designer.

Of his inspiration with the quartet of illustrations, Evan says, "my aim was to create a series of travel-poster-inspired illustrations, but with a twist: to focus on the moments that you enjoy now and remember fondly later, rather than on the monuments, which instead serve only as an architectural backdrop."

Each illustration has such subtle tones and lines, any of them could fit right into any kind of décor, be it minimalistic, ornate, girly or masculine. I love how each poster has a classic, timeless feel... much like Paris itself. Each are available for preposterously reasonable prices (like, $24!) on Etsy.

I suggest you head straight to The Paris Print Shop and snap up a few of these, as their appeal will last for decades, and whenever you see them you will be inspired by that classic Paris feeling of light upon dark.

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