Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Museum of Broken Hearts

(photo via France Inter)

Sure, Paris may be known as the city of love and romance and all that crap, but it's not as romantic as you might think, and getting your heart broken is universal. A broken heart is as sure to the human experience as breathing or sleeping. If you've ever laughed, you've had (or will have) your heart broken. Because there's no way to experience joy without pain, nor darkness without light.

The folks at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia know this, and created an entire gallery that houses the artifacts of love lost - teddy bears, love notes, handcuffs. The donation of these objects had many reasons, whether catharsis, exhibitionism, or just for fun - but all were the relics of a relationship ended. Now the museum has taken the show on the road and are now displaying "Le Musée des Coeurs Brisés" (Museum of Broken Hearts) at the Centquatre in Paris.

It's fascinating to browse the seemingly simple objects of the expo (an axe, a wedding dress) and to read the stories tied to each item. What would you donate? I still have a plastic ring my college boyfriend got for me at a gas station toy machine during a road trip. I'd probably donate that.

Museum of Broken Hearts
Now through 20 January
104 Centquatre
104 Rue d'Aubervilliers  75019 Paris
Métro: M7 to Riquet


  1. Oh wow - this is awesome! I will definitely need to check this out. Gosh what would I donate from my incredibly long love CV of failures... :) Probably an old sweater that I stole and which I no longer love wearing. I'm a big boyfriend-clothes-stealer. I could probably donate an entire wardrobe. :)



  2. Haha, yeah I feel like we all save little souvenirs here and there of affairs gone by... I used to have a whole shoebox full of stuff until I moved to Paris.



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