Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pro Tip: Free Wi-Fi in Paris

(Why hello, monsieur. Image via Antipodes)

Sure, lots of cafés and stores have wi-fi for you to connect easily and check your email while you're munching on that pain au chocolat. But did you know there's free wi-fi (pronounced wee-fee in French, totally adorable) all over Paris? Think parks, town halls (like the Hôtel de Ville), libraries and museums. If you've ever been out and about in the city and wanted to check your email or flight status, or ever gotten into an argument about which Bill played the president in "Independence Day" (it's Pullman, not Paxton, I promise), or if you've ever been in Jardin du Luxembourg and thought, "This day sure is beautiful but I miss my computer screen," here's how to gain free access from your cellie or laptop, via

- Look for the Paris Wi-Fi logo (above). If you spot one, connect to the ORANGE network on your available networks list.

- Once you're connected, the first site that should pop up in your browser should be the access portal. Click "SELECT YOUR PASS."

- Complete the form, sign away all your rights, and log on. After the access page reloads, you're free to browse as you please for the next two hours! After two hours you can log on again, but maybe you should think about taking a break and looking at the real world instead. I mean, you've just been on the internet for two hours.

Happy browsing!


  1. I am really glad that Paris is catching up with the free wifi wave. It makes it much easier for any entrepreneur, creative, or anyone else whose office is the wonderful playground of Paris!



  2. I hate that I haven't know this for like, NINE MONTHS. Thank you for my last 11 days of weeefeeee!



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