Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pro Tip: Coffee For 1€ Or Less!

One of the greatest pleasures of Paris is sitting at a café, uninterrupted for hours, watching people go by for the price of a cup of coffee. I must admit it's my favorite Paris activity. Yet many Paris visitors balk at the price of a measly (and admittedly, often not gourmet) cuppa joe. Luckily, there's a handy map that's been making the rounds that easily and accurately pinpoints the cheapest places in Paris to get an espresso - namely for 1€ or less.

Cited on the list are some of my favorite hot spots, like Chez Prune near Canal St. Martin and Café des Anges in the 11e (which also boasts cheap drinks and eats). As a little bonus, the map also notes whether the sites listed are priced so cheap at the bar, which most of them are (au comptoir) or also in the general seating area (en salle). Even if the prices are only for the bar, it's usually a good sign that other things on the menu will be reasonably priced. Bookmark this link and you'll always have a good, cheap neighborhood spot to sit, sip, and recharge while watching Parisian passers-by.

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  1. Hi jenna,

    It's true that in certain Parisian coffee bars the price of a coffee is simply outrageaous. But of course the equation is not so simple, especially if you come to some "terrasses", order a coffee and intend to spend the whole afternoon there! :) I remember some little coffee bars in the Latin Quarter when I was a student. They had not so much space inside and were having students who would have spend the whole day here (especially in winter) if u'd let them. In one of those little bar, the tenant had find this solution: You had to order a new beverage once you had been there for an hour!

    One of the places on your "handy map" is just near my home. Well the coffee is not 1 € when you sit somewhere but still very reasonable and surely not the 8€ that you'd be charged at the Fouquet's! :)



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