Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cheap Paris Art

(Illustration by Aaron Straup Cope via 20x200)

If you can't come to Paris, keep Paris close to you. I know most of my readers are travelers or travel dreamers, not full-on expats, and Paris is one of those places that just stays with you, whether you've been there or not, whether you're planning to go or remembering the time you spent there. A professional photo or piece of art illustrating Paris is a beautiful way to keep your heart lit by the City of Light, no matter where you are geographically (not to mention it makes a great holiday gift). Here are a few of my favorites I've spotted recently:

(Illustration of 1900 Paris via 20x200)

20x200, the Cheapskate-approved site (and affiliate... full disclosure!) has thousands of prints of varying sizes by original artists and photographers for as low as $24 (the top and above prints are available at 8x10 for that price). This way you can support up-and-coming or unknown artists and get a lovely piece of art in the process. They have a few Paris-themed items, but their travel section as a whole is boomin'. I'm totally in love with the above map illustration by Aaron Straup Cope and archival print from the 1900 Exposition Universelle. (PS - on Cyber Monday, use the code TICKTOCK on 20x200 for an extra 35% off!)

And let us not forget Etsy! Oh no, never forget Etsy. I must confess I'm not much of a girly-girl particularly when it comes to home décor, and though Etsy is flush with girly shit, it is possible to find some subtle and elegant Paris art while browsing their pages. For example, this beautiful watercolor by Talula Christian for $45 (which she painted in less than 30 minutes!):

(Paris watercolor by Talula Christian)

OH MY GOD THIS CLOCK. It is the Paris skyline! cut out of a record! and made into a clock! And it's only 18,90€ via Geoartcrafts. Someone buy this for me for Christmas, please, thanks.
(clock by Geoartcrafts)

And of course this classic Audrey Hepburn line from "Sabrina", which rings true today and every day (and which I say to people when they ask me why on earth I moved to Paris). This one's printed on burlap and framed by 505Vintage for $18.

Well, dammit, now I want everything. Happy shopping, everyone!

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