Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cheap Eats: Muniyandi Vilas

So perfectly located in the La Chapelle neighborhood that it's actually steps away from the La Chapelle Métro station, Muniyandi Vilas is one of those local haunts that you can tell is gonna be good because of its lack of tourists and the smiles on the faces of its customers leaving the place.

This little place stretches its seating back into a beautifully decorated blue hall and attracts many of the local Southeast Asian community to its communal tables with its authentic Sri Lankan dishes. Our waiter was incredibly friendly and the food came quickly, a pair of delicious and well-spiced vegetarian plates with bread and two very different spice sauces to adjust the flavor to our own preferences. I'm sorry I don't know what they were composed of - my friend ordered the dishes (which were combos from the menu) so all I know is that they were vegetarian and delicious.

Then came the chai, a perfect conclusion to the meal. I love chai because it gives you just the right amount of sweetness to complete a meal without being too heavy, and this version was one of the most well-balanced I've tried. 

Our entire meal for two cost 7,50€. Read that sentence again.

Muniyandi Vilas
207 Rue Faubourg St. Denis 75010 Paris
01 40 36 13 48
Métro: M2 to La Chapelle


  1. What a find! I want to go.

  2. that's a great find! i personally prefer Chettinadu on Rue Cail but I'll definitely check this place out.

  3. Ooh, is that a challenge? I'm up for it and will report back. Thanks for the tip!

  4. This place sounds great!Thanks for the rec ill def check it out! Im moving right around the corner from here in august (though if people ask I say louis blanc, not stalingrad lol something about a lot of crack dealers according to my boyfriends father who lived here 30 years ago)



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