Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pro Tip: MyTable Online Restaurant Reservations

(Still from one of my favorite Seinfeld scenes)

So, I have been in Paris for well over a year now and though my language skills have vastly improved, there's one occasion on which I always, always panic: making reservations at a restaurant. All my French seems to fly right out the window as I'm hunched forward, eyes squeezed shut, trying very hard to listen and understand the host or hostess on the other end asking me simple questions, like, say, my name. 

To my great relief, I was recently introduced to the services of This handy service (which is available in 11 countries in addition to France) makes the process of making reservations super easy. You just search for the resto you want, sign up for the time and date you desire, give your email address, and they take care of the rest. They contact the restaurant, make your reservation and send you a confirmation once it's done.

The cool thing is that they also have suggestions, TripAdvisor reviews, and searches based on price, cuisine and arrondissement to guide you in case you don't know where to dine. PLUS they have weekly deals, so you can get up to 50% off your meal if you book with MyTable.

I think the site's a bit new and are still adding lots of restaurants, but keep an eye on this one... it's sure to make reservations a breeze.


  1. Interesting - this is like the OpenTable of Europe - very cool and super convenient to get online reservations. Now you can make a reservation late at night when they're not open. Love that!

  2. Just checked it, very nice site :) They have my three favourite restaurants in Paris. Thanks for the info Jenna-Marie



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