Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden at the Hôtel de Ville

(Photo by Audrey via Flickr)

The longer I live in Paris, the more I love the Hôtel de Ville. More specifically, the plaza of the Hôtel de Ville. It's a chameleon space, a blank canvas open to the whims and creativity of its organizers. In winter it's an ice-skating rink, in July it'll be a beach, last year there there were giant pillows in front of a screen playing the Olympics, and just last week they played the French Open alongside an actual tennis court.

Well, between the tennis and the upcoming beach, they will squeeze in a good month or so of "jardin éphémère," or temporary garden. Yes, this massive field of concrete facing the majestic city hall will be transformed into a green space, full of grass, flowers and other oxygen-making stuff of God. Looks like it will be beautiful!

Jardin Éphémère
Saturday, 15 June - Friday, 12 July
Hôtel de Ville
Métro: M1, M11 to Hôtel de Ville


  1. I'm obsessed. I need to be back there.

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  2. I visit many times in Paris with my friends but never heard about this Hotel. After see the pics in this wonderful post it looks like a Royal Palace from outside.I am so excited to visit that place again and book 2-3 rooms their for next holiday trip. This blog is really inspired me!!



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