Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disquaire Day 2013

Say what you will about it being a dying breed, but I read recently that vinyl record sales have been increasing since 1993 and continue to do so, particularly spiking in sales over the last couple of years. That news makes a hipster like me very happy, as I am comforted in the knowledge that the soft whir of dust noise and forced order of songs (complete with intermission as you turn the vinyl over to Side B) may continue to prosper, at least for a little while longer. For fellow hopeless nerds, rejoice in Record Store Day, known as Disquaire Day here in Paris, a celebration of record stores. All over town, record stores will have special prices on certain vinyls and some will even have live performances. For a complete guide to celebrating Disquaire Day in Paris, check out my article on Girls' Guide To Paris, and to find out how to celebrate near you, check out Record Store Day's official website.

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