Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cheapskate Special Deal: Pictours Paris

(Photo courtesy of Pictours Paris)

My friend and fellow expat Lindsey Kent has the perfect job: one that takes advantage of both her talent, her passion and her temperament, is completely unique, and is perfectly suited to her adopted city. As the founder of Pictours Paris, Lindsey goes around town with visitors and takes photos of them on their Paris travels, capturing moments in front of some of the city’s most beautiful monuments as well as its hidden nooks and crannies. Photographing lovers and newlyweds as well as families and groups of girlfriends, Lindsey has seen it all in the City of Light.

(Photo courtesy of Pictours Paris)

Lindsey and her chef husband, Justin, moved to Paris shortly after their 2011 wedding and, like most expats, at first Lindsey didn’t know what to do with herself. “I knew I wanted to do something different than what I did in the States,” she says. Though she hadn’t been a professional photographer back home, “I guess because Paris is just so beautiful and interesting, my camera and I became attached at the hip.”

When a pair of newlywed friends visited that autumn, Lindsey naturally took photos of them during their stints around town. “One afternoon they mentioned how nice it was to have me show them around and take photos of them together,” says Lindsey. “They’d spent the first part of their honeymoon in another country, and had no photos of the two of them.”

And just like that, her golden idea was born. It’s one of those ideas that seems so obvious, but only after the fact, and makes you wish you’d thought of it. I love that Lindsey gets to go all around town with her clients and lets them relax and enjoy their vacation while ensuring they’ll have stunning photos of their time in Paris. How often do we interrupt a beautiful moment to whip out the camera (or iPhone) and capture the moment? With Pictours Paris, you can just enjoy your time together and let Lindsey do the rest.

(Photo courtesy of Pictours Paris)

Of course, the most romantic part of her job is capturing surprise proposals. “Walking around the city and capturing a couple’s love for each other is so amazing,” says Lindsey, a born romantic. “I’ve had to hold back tears during some proposals, and watching people get engaged or just be giddy in love makes me think a lot about my husband and our engagement, wedding, etc. Sometimes I get butterflies in my stomach as I’m waiting for a surprise proposal to unfold before my eyes. I know the man must have jitters, and that the woman is completely unsuspecting. It’s so much fun to be a part of that special moment. It’s fun and magical and since I’m a total sucker for romance, I guess you can say this is the perfect job for me!”

(Photo courtesy of Pictours Paris)

I would say so. I admire Lindsey for creating her own destiny, from taking the plunge and moving to Paris with her love to creating her own perfect job in her new city. If you’re coming to Paris, whether it’s with your family, your BFF or your beloved, and you’d like to take advantage of Lindsey’s one-of-a-kind photo shoots, she’s offering a special deal for Paris Cheapskates: anyone who books a session between now and June 30th gets 15% off of a Pictours Paris 2 or 4 hour package! I strongly suggest you take advantage of this unique deal and contact Lindsey today.


  1. What a sweet idea!


  2. I recognize those handsome men with the balloons! I have to say that Lindsey has been by far the BEST photographer I've ever worked with. She took some amazing photos of my family on the coldest day of the year in Paris and managed to get just the perfect shots. She's worth every penny spent.

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Jacki! You are too kind! I LOVED photographing your family!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my story about the journey of starting Pictours Paris. I really appreciate the support and hope to work with some of your readers soon! Bisous.



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