Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pro Tip: Café Gourmand

If you have a short dessert attention span, or if you like to share, or if you can never decide on just one dessert, or if you're short on cash (all of the above describe me), then here's a Paris Pro Tip: order a café gourmand. Usually comprised of an espresso and smaller portions of 3-5 desserts (depending on which size you get), these platters give you the option of trying several sweet thangs without breaking the bank. Usually they're even cheaper than a full dessert (plus you get the coffee!). It's almost too good to be true.

The above selection, composed of a delicious dark chocolate mousse and chantilly, a caramel flan, and a decadent slice of coconut-vanilla cake drenched in chocolate sauce, plus coffee, set me back 5,50€ at a pretty touristy café in Bercy Village at which all other dishes were damn pricey (hello, 14€ croque monsieur). I think the café gourmand is the sweetest secret in Paris. Have you ever had one?

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  1. I want that now. Like now.





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