Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pro Tip: The Student I.D.

This might be the biggest Cheapskate move I've ever pulled, aside from putting water in the shampoo bottle to make it last. It has been... quite awhile since I was a college student. But I still have my student I.D., and luckily 1) it doesn't have an expiration date and 2) I still (somehow) look enough like my photo to still use it. A lot of people make the mistake of ditching their I.D. after graduation in a flurry of scholastic freedom, but I've been surprised at how long mine has lasted and continues to serve me! I get reduced prices for almost every museum in Paris (but be prepared to face the occasional request for proof of your birthdate).

I know it might not be the most completely ethical move on my part, but if you still have your student I.D., I would definitely recommend keeping it, and using it! After all, aren't we always simply students of life?

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