Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cheap Art: Red, Yellow and Blue

(Jason Rhoades, Untitled) 

May is the last month to check out "Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?", the gorgeous neon exhibit going on at La Maison Rouge. This thoroughly modern exhibition collects neon works from artists all over the world and shows how spectacularly evocative, funny, and poignant trapped, glowing gas can be. 
(photo by Stephanie Land)

From electric, colorful rooms that envelop the viewer to a one-sided floor mirror that appears to repeat its neon into the infinity below to a play on the famous French “Tabac” sign, this exhibit will have you taking a second look at every neon sign you see after you leave.

One of my favorite pieces, called "Averse" by Swiss artist Delphine Reist, is a video of an empty basement with dozens of ceiling lights dropping, rhythmically, one after another, rendering the room darker and darker. When there's only one light left, the viewer is on the edge of their seat, breathlessly waiting for the complete darkness. 

Tickets 5-7€
Now through May 20
Wednesday-Sunday 11am-7pm, late-night Thursday until 9pm
La Maison Rouge
Métro: M5 to Quai de la Rapée or M1, M5, M8 to Bastille
+33 1 40 01 08 81

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  1. Hi! :) Same experience, other country...Get a look at "Neon" in Rome. Bye bye



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