Monday, November 25, 2013

The Cheapest Books In Paris

(Jean Seberg via Awesome People Reading)

Yes, you should be practicing your French, but what if you just want to read a book in English? A little something to bring to Jardin du Luxembourg or Tuileries, or for while you sit along the Seine or in a café, or just to keep you occupied on the long journey away from Paris whether by train or plane.

Luckily there are plenty of reading resources for Anglophones in Paris. Besides Shakespeare and Company, the Abbey Bookshop and San Francisco Book Company, you can always get a membership to the American Library of Paris and check books out at your heart's desire. But what if you're a seriously stingy, Jenna-level cheapskate? No worries; there are regular events by two Paris organizations which sell books for between 1-3€ apiece!

During the first weekend of each month, the American Library of Paris hosts super-cheap book sales to in an effort keep their stock invigorated. All books go for 1-3€. I got Jennifer Eagan's A Visit From The Goon Squad at that one, and it was a perfect smart and fun summer read!

Likewise, S.O.S. Helpline holds seasonal (every two or three months) book sales to benefit their confidential depression hotline for Anglophones in France. All soft covers are 1€, all hard covers 2€ apiece, ranging from self-help and cookbooks to children's books, memoirs and regular old fiction. I'd say their selection is a little better than ALP's, if only because it's less often. I usually walk out with three or four books, which have included The Time Traveler's Wife (marvelous) and The Girls' Guide To Hunting And Fishing.

American Library of Paris Book Sale
Every first weekend of the month
10 Rue du Général Camou, 75007 Paris
Métro: M8 to École Militaire

S.O.S. Helpline Book Sale
Every two to three months
Various locations


  1. I am definitely going to head to the next library sale. This sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip x



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