Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cheap Paris Art: Kaitlin Rebesco Photography

Kaitlin Rebesco's photography has a distinctive kind of intimacy to it, a feeling of ephemerality and beauty that inspires a sense of lovely wistfulness. Rebesco's photos perfectly capture a feeling of fleeting happiness - whether that's youth, or love, or sunshine, or simply being in Paris while knowing you will have to leave it. The Chicago native says of her time in the City of Light, "Paris is such a picturesque city but one that at times, to me, feels almost melancholic. This sort of quiet and beautiful sadness is a feeling I tried to depict in my own work, using a lot of white space and minimalist compositions. But Paris, like everything else, is always changing, and that change is an inspiration."

Rebesco's black and white compositions remind me a lot of one of my favorite French photographers Robert Doisneau, particularly Rebesco's photo of lovers kissing, which bears modern witness to Doisneau's classic photo The Kiss.

And like her predecessor, Rebesco is "inspired by the transient nature of life. What draws me to documentary and street photography is the possibility to capture a moment which has never happened before and will never happen again."

For her "Head in the Clouds" series, a set of minimalistic, elegant photos that feature the lone tip-tops of iconic Paris structures, Rebesco was inspired by the ever-changing nature of one of the oldest cities in the world. "I remember going outside one spring day - up to that point there had been grey skies and rain for months - but on that day the sky had opened up and the was filled with these fluffy, almost surreal clouds. It was like the city had completely transformed, becoming this whimsical and magical place." Anyone who's been in Paris on a rare, suddenly-sunny day can appreciate Rebesco's wonder and appreciation for singular moments like that.

Kaitlin Rebesco is currently based in New York, but you can purchase her lovely Paris prints on her Etsy shop. Rebesco's a talent on the rise - get a print of her unique perspective now while it's still affordable!

(All photos courtesy of Kaitlin Rebesco)

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