Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Paris High Line: Promenade Plantée

One of the few things to do in Paris in August, one thing that doesn't close and holds all the magnificence of summer, is the Coulée verte, or Promenade Plantée. Preceding NYC's Highline by sixteen years, the Promenade Plantée operates on the same idea: an elevated railway gone to waste and reclaimed by city planners, clever landscape designers, and Mother Nature.

The Promenade Plantée runs along the former Vincennes railway in the 12e arrondissement. Hop up near Bastille and stroll along almost 3 miles (or nearly 5km) of lovely, charming flora and fauna, past buildings old and new. (Don't worry, there are plenty of spots to exit along the way if necessary.) Sit and have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air.

The Promenade descends near Jardin Reuilly and winds through a tunnel and along seriously wild patches of foliage right up to the Péripherique near Bois de Vincennes. This is one of those Paris attractions that only makes sense in good weather. But hey, we spend like nine months of the year under chilly precipitation; why not make the most of the good weather while you have it?

Promenade Plantée/Coulée verte
Entrance near 38 rue de Lyon (above Viaduc des Arts)

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  1. Your article is about unexplored beauty of Paris City. Promenade Plantée sounds like a best peaceful tourist destination in Paris. A best spot for all travelers those who don't like to visit crowded or noisy places.



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