Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cinema Au Clair de Lune 2013

(Film still from "Midnight in Paris")

This week the awesome film house Forum des Images begins their annual Cinema Au Clair de Lune, a 10-day film fest that hops locations around the city each night. As with the film fest at Parc de la Villette, grab a blanket and some refreshments and head over to the corresponding location by sundown for this fun and free event. Full details on the Forum des Images site, but here's the complete schedule:

1 August: Midnight in Paris
2 August: Le Trou
3 August: Gainsbourg, vie Héroïque
4 August: How to Steal a Million
7 August: Tu m'as sauvé la vie
8 August: Panique
9 August: Peur sur la ville
10 August: Un monstre à Paris
11 August: Diabolo menthe

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