Monday, March 18, 2013


(A transcendant experience from last year's Jour du Macaron, the chocolate-foie gras mac at Pierre Hermé)

Okay you guys, I'm trying hard to contain my excitement, but my anticipation for the annual Jour du Macaron is just too awesome to stifle. Thanks to genius (and my favorite macaron maker) Pierre Hermé, every year on the first official day of spring, macaron shops all over Paris celebrate the little pastry by giving them away for (basically) FREE. By (basically) I mean you are required to donate to a charity, but come on. 1) As if that's so bad and 2) You can just give a few coins if you like.

Seven mac makers in 31 locations around Paris will be participating. I particularly recommend the chocolate-foie gras at Pierre Hermé and the citron or absinthe at Arnaud Lahrer. Are you hungry yet?

Last year I made a plan of attack using this handy map from Paris By Mouth, which I believe is still effective, and hit six different macaron vendors in one afternoon! I tried so many different flavors and learned which shops were my favorite. By the end of my journey, I was buzzing on a sugar high and felt like everything was right in the world, or at least in my mouth. Then I had an espresso and the world couldn't handle me anymore.

If you can't be in Paris, see if there's a Jour du Macaron happening near you (for example New York, Toronto, or Japan). Bon appetit!

Jour du Macaron
Unlimited macarons by donation
Wednesday, 20 March
Various international locations


  1. Dear Paris Cheapskate -- I adore your blog. I've just added you to my (humble) blog roll. Carry on, with all the panache and excellent advice that you have shared already. Thanks! Polly

  2. Yes!! Thank you, thank you for the reminder about this! I almost let it pass me by, again! Preparing for the sugar coma as of now. Happy Macaron Day!

  3. It being both my birthday and the official Day of the Macaron, I did a macaron hop of the 6e. Pierre Herme is always my favorite!



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