Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cheap Shopping: La Petite Boutique

Wandering around the 6e arrondissement the other day, I stumbled upon the most adorable little shop on rue St. Andre des Arts - La Petite Boutique. This place has tons of great and well-priced cards, postcards, jewelry and knickknacks that would make equally great souvenirs or general additions to your home or office.

From mustache mugs to saucy Post-It notes, La Petite Boutique is full of fun and whimsical curiosities.

I bought a yellow one of these Qualy bird keychains the first time I came Paris, nearly 3 years ago, and it was a lifesaver for someone like me who never, ever, ever remembers her house keys and ends up ringing the buzzer at 2am. I popped it right onto the door at eye level and (almost) never forgot my keys again. It's also a rape whistle! It crushed me to have to leave it stuck to my door in New York, but now I know where I can get a new one, for just 12€!

Good news, La Petite Boutique also has some good sales so be sure to thoroughly browse their calendars, delicate and funny necklaces, and business card holders to keep you organized and très chic.

La Petite Boutique
Métro: M4, M10 to Odéon


  1. sounds like a winner, thanks for filling me in!

  2. I bought a 25 euros ring there. Less than a month after, few strasses were gone and the ring finally broke.



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