Monday, August 6, 2012

Cheap Shopping: Interloque Junk Shops

Maybe it's my fervent garage-saling background, but I love junk shops: those cluttered, disorganized places guaranteed to make you sneeze from dust and hopefully give you a kitschy knick-knack to go home with for a couple of bucks. New York is full of them, but I never thought I'd find a junk store in Paris. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Interloque Ressourcerie.

Two pairs of next-door shops in the 18e arrondissement make up the Interloque collective. Dedicated to salvaging useable items from their partnered businesses and collecting bulk amounts of, well, junk from the residents of Paris, Interloque also educates city youth about minimizing waste and recycling. That's cool and all, but really, I just like a good treasure dig.

The location on rue de Trétaigne is a true junk shop - all manner of used books, dishware, and clothes abound in the space. You'll also find pulpy paperback French novels and hundreds of postcards from all over Europe (six for 1€).

The rue des Cloÿs space around the corner is a bit more organized and boasts a slightly more expensive collection (though still dirt-cheap considering the treasures hidden on its shelves). Here you'll find vintage leather purses and briefcases from 20-40€, records, unique wall hangings, and even - be still my heart - French typewriters. I just want to write that again - French typewriters. French typewriters.    

If you want to go beyond the typical Paris souvenir route, if you have a sense of humor and love the thrill of the hunt, if you find old dusty relics to be charming, then Interloque is a good place to start.

Interloque Ressourcerie
7 and 7 ter rue de Trétaigne,
14 and 14 bis rue des Cloÿs 75018 Paris
Métro: M12 to Jules Joffrin


  1. I hope you are keeping a list for my second visit.

  2. If anyone is looking to pick up a pair of cheap rollerblades, that's your spot too - my husband used to work nearby and we've sent several folks there to pick up a pair, for around 10€ a pop!

  3. I am more into the importance of recycling than digging for treasures. My husband now, he's more like you in some ways, I think. He will get excited about something vintage, that is top quality. Like me though, he's not into searching too long for it.

    I don't think I have the patience for treasure hunts. I have patience for other things but not that. The dust alone would have me running out of the room after about five minutes. I have vintage items that were given to me as gifts though- lovely.

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